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What’s Ahead For Mortgage Rates This Week : April 11, 2011


Inflation squeezes mortgage ratesMortgage markets worsened last week as energy costs remained high, and jobs data looked strong. The safe haven buying that characterized the March mortgage market has subsided.

it’s driving mortgage rates higher across Arizona.

Conforming and FHA mortgage rates rolled back 8 weeks worth of improvements last week and are now back to mid-February levels. The rise in rates is hurting refinance activity and home affordability.

The biggest story from last week figures to carry forward into this one — the Federal Reserve’s take on inflation.

In the minutes from its March meeting, the FOMC was shown to have discussed the possibility of raising the Fed Funds Rate ahead of schedule, and to be watching near-inflation closely. Both developments are in response to a growing economy with rising price pressures.

Mortgage rate shoppers should take note.

Inflation is a mortgage-rate killer. When inflation is present in the economy, all things equal, mortgage rates rise. Sometimes by a lot. And, usually, just the expectation of inflation is all it takes to make mortgage rates jump.

That’s what we saw last week.

This week, keep a close watch on new inflation-related data set for release. This includes Tuesday’s Retail Sales data, Wednesday’s Producer Price Index, and Thursday’s Consumer Price Index. Each release can potentially move mortgage rates although, if recent trends are an indication, expect for rates to rise.

Mortgage rates in Mesa remain historically low. If you’re shopping for a mortgage, consider locking as soon as you can.

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