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Looking Back And Looking Ahead : June 16, 2008


Mortgage rates moved higher last week on lingering concerns about inflation, the fourth straight week in which rates rose.

Mortgage rates are now as high as they’ve been since October 2007.

Because inflation devalues mortgage bonds, market players are quick to unload them when signs of inflation are present.

Last week, there were several such signs:

  1. The American Consumer is spending undettered despite economic uncertainty
  2. The Cost of Living is rising faster than expected
  3. The Federal Reserve reports that some business are passing higher costs on to consumers

Hence, the higher mortgage rates.

This week, only Tuesday registers as a “big data day” with reports on housing, productivity, and Producer Price Index — the “Business Cost of Living” report.

There will be four members of the Federal Reserve speaking, though, and that will add some volatility to the market. Fed Chairman Bernanke is among the speakers, addressing Congress this morning at 10:00 A.M. ET.

So, expect mortgage rates to continue to jump and dip this week, taking their cues from inflation. More inflation means higher rates and a slowing economy should cause rates to retreat.

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