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In Pictures : Mortgage Guidelines Get Tough For All Borrower Types — Quickly


When mortgage guidelines tighten, it becomes even more important to have a real estate planIt’s not your imagination — getting approved for a home loan is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Taken from the Federal Reserve’s quarterly survey of 84 banks, it illustrates the changing dynamic of mortgage guidelines.

Most notable is the steep curve for “prime” mortgages, a type of home loan given to applicants exhibiting:

  • A well-documented credit history
  • High credit scores
  • Low debt-to-incomes

Americans have come to expect sub-prime loans to be tougher, but it’s the sharp tightening of prime guidelines shows us that nobody is exempt from the newfound underwriting prudence that banks are exhibiting right now.

If you plan to buy or remortgage a home over the next year, consider a popular expression in financial circles — the trend is your friend.

Know that mortgage guidelines will get tougher before they get easier and applicants on the cusp of being approved today will almost certainly be denied a mortgage three months down the road.

Owning real estate and making sound financial decisions requires a tremendous amount of advance planning and, sometimes, looking at the past is the best way to prepare for what’s coming ahead.

According to the Federal Reserve’s survey, what’s coming ahead more mortgage application scrutiny.

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