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Did You Ask: “Has There Been A Mortgage Rate Reprice In The Last Hour?”


Yesterday, several mortgage lenders issued three separate “rate sheets” in response to the changing mortgage market.

It was the fourth time in the last 6 trading days that mortgage lenders issued multiple rate sheets in a day, and continued the trend that started in mid-January.

The yo-yo nature of mortgage rates underscores the importance of making mortgage rate comparisons within a limited time frame.

Multiple quotes should be gathered with an hour of each other and, even then, it’s prudent to ask your lender: “Has there been a mortgage rate reprice in the last hour?”

The current market volatility is in contrast to the “normal” environment of one-rate-sheet-per-day to which mortgage rate shoppers have been accustomed. But with the changing economy, we all have to adapt.

Mortgage rate quotes from this morning won’t necessarily be valid this afternoon so if you’re in the market for a home loan, be sure to do your shopping in a limited timeframe and don’t forget to ask about the reprice.

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